What Should You Do If You Get A Grand Jury Subpoena?

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A grand jury subpoena is issued by prosecutors who are looking for some evidence of a crime occurring. If you are being served with one, you can be sure that the state has you in their sights for one reason or another. Unfortunately, it can be hard to tell exactly why you have received a subpoena. Also, ignoring this subpoena is generally a bad idea, so you can feel like you are stuck in a tough spot. Answering the subpoena with the help of a Mercer County white-collar crime lawyer.

Why Am I Receiving a Grand Jury Subpoena?

There are a few different reasons why you could be receiving a grand jury subpoena. You are somehow involved in the prosecutor’s investigation, but you cannot be sure exactly how. The prosecutor does not need to tell you why the subpoena was sent because a grand jury operates in secret. They could be summoning you because:

You are the target of their investigation: The prosecutor believes that you have committed crimes. You could be facing charges.

You are a subject of their investigation: The prosecutor is sure that you are involved in this somehow, but they do not know whether or not you have criminal liability yet. This can change as time goes on

You might be a witness: It is entirely possible that you are being subpoenaed because you could be a witness to some kind of criminal activity. This could change as well though, and you could eventually end up becoming a subject or target of the investigation.

Do I Need to Talk to an Attorney?

So you may have already noticed a few issues. You are receiving this grand jury subpoena, and you have no idea whether or not you are under investigation! That means that your first priority needs to be protecting your interests.

An experienced attorney can help you do that. They can help you:

  • Gather the requested documents and evidence
  • Quash the subpoena, if possible
  • Prepare for testimony
  • Avoid incriminating yourself

What Happens If I Do Not Comply With a Grand Jury Subpoena?

If you do not comply and answer the grand jury subpoena, you are going to be held in contempt of court. Then you are just going to have to answer the prosecutor’s questions and gather up any evidence they ask about anyway. So talk to a lawyer and get your ducks in a row. Then comply with the subpoena if your lawyer cannot get it thrown out.

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