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Enrollment in PTI diversion program

The client was arrested after the police executed a search warrant for his house and found 25 pounds of marijuana and over $80,000 in cash. The client was charged with 1st-degree drug crimes and money laundering crimes. Eventually, Douglas Herring filed a motion and the judge ordered the client to enroll in the PTI diversion program. After his diversion program, the client will have no criminal conviction.

Release on Both Charges

Client charged in Somerset County with a Graves Act crime, which has a mandatory prison charge for having a handgun while selling drugs. The client was arrested for another drug offense while on Pretrial Release. Got client released a second time on both cases. Showed the prosecutor problems with the informant, including locating police reports.

NJ DUI Dismissed

The client was arrested for a DWI with a BAC of .13. After we filed motions, the prosecutor dismissed DWI.

Probation with no jail for second-degree gun case

Second-degree gun case with a mandatory prison sentence. The client had fired a handgun during a fight. Prosecutor argued for prison with a minimum sentence. We prepared a 3-inch binder of mitigating information. The assignment judge sentences our client to probation with no jail.

Two DUI cases dismissed in the same week!

Two DWI cases were dismissed in the same week! Hazlet Municipal Court dismissed a DWI on Monday. Plainsboro Municipal Court dismissed a DWI on Wednesday. Two very happy clients!

Judge dismissed all the charges!

The client was charged with having several stolen credit cards and drugs in his car, which were the equivalent of serious felonies. Convinced the County Prosecutor’s office to downgrade the case to Municipal court as the equivalent of a misdemeanor. Filed a motion in municipal court and had all the evidence suppressed. The judge dismissed all the charges.

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