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This is a wonderful lawyer. I've had two cases with him. Always takes time to explain and makes sure you understand. Goes above and beyond. I will go to him again if need another lawyer. I recommend.

- Diamond Dee

Mr. Douglas Herring is one of the finest attorneys you would find in New Jersey. He successfully reduced my charges to a non-criminal violation. The care and compassion shown towards me throughout my case were unmatchable. He responds to you on time always, even during weekends and late nights. He gives you so much confidence and courage. He went out of his way a couple of times for me to get a few documents from the court and also prepared an affidavit to submit to the USCIS even many months after the case ended. My immigration document was immediately approved! He puts all your fears to rest and gives the best advice always. He goes above and beyond for you! I highly recommend Mr.Herring! Thank you so much! Me and my family would always be grateful!

- SR Edwin

I highly recommend Doug. He did exactly what he set as the goal for the case after the review. He started the communication a week earlier with the court and set the direction firmly. He negotiated and got the best out of the situation. Doug, You're the best! You go above and beyond. Thanks so much for saving me and my future !!

- SK

Doug is professional, extremely knowledgeable, and empathetic to his client's issues. He helped me a great deal not only through my case but knowing I had someone I could trust to be in my corner and be understanding of the overall life difficulties I was currently dealing with. Would recommend to everyone.

- Brad Henriksen

I trust Doug entirely. In my opinion, he always has my best interests at heart and he is always easy to reach and very easy to talk to. We reached out to Doug when a family member had gotten into a little bit of legal trouble. Doug was very accommodating and flexible to meet and did a wonderful job walking us through the legal progression, what to expect, and how to be proactive. He did a great job of addressing our anxiety over the situation and was a source of relief for our family at the time. Definitely would recommend! Thanks, Doug!

- Joe P

Doug is an extremely brilliant attorney. He handled our case with such diligence and intelligence. It is evident that he is compassionate and cares for his clients. He did an amazing job! Thank you.

- Ali Riaz

Douglas did such an impressive job in the most stressful situation we ever found ourselves in. He represented my grandmother in court, was always accessible, and explained everything in detail. He was responsive and communication was never a problem. An epitome of professionalism. Would highly recommend!

- Aliza Shazib

Douglas is an amazing attorney from his capabilities in the courtroom to building trust and rapport. He is a family man who does not discriminate against anyone and provides a full breakdown of everything you will need to stay calm and collected through such a scary/stressful process. I love the reliable communication from Katherine as well. I highly recommend this firm and want to thank you for helping me throughout my case.

- Eboni Harris

I highly recommend Douglas Herring. I got a criminal case for the first time and of course, was scared out of my mind. Mr. Herring and the rest of the team eased my mind about the whole process. Definitely great customer service and professionalism. I am also very happy with the deal I got. If I ever (which I hope I don’t) get into any other trouble, Douglas Herring is the one I will call on. Thank you so much for everything!!

- Andy Adomovich

This man does wonders! Excellent lawyer :)

- Thaddeus Jones

Douglass is very professional, personable and gets the job done. You’ll thank him for his hard work.

- Emanni Riddick

Doug is a brilliant lawyer and his courtroom demeanor, virtual or not, is IMPRESSIVE. Doug is one of the best communicators that I have dealt with. He was able to go above and beyond my expectations and dealt with my case in a truly professional manner. He didn’t try to break the bank but still gave you the best service. Doug, you are the best!! Doug was better than I could have asked for and so were the results. He reminded me of court dates and walked me through everything step by step which made things very easy for me. I would recommend Doug to anyone who wants a professional and responsive lawyer. VICTORY!!! My life changed because I chose the right person to manage my needs. If ever anyone is looking for the best DUI attorney in New Jersey, look no further. DOUG is one stop for your case and I am sure you are on the winning side. I would definitely recommend Doug to anyone for their traffic violations or DUI needs. Thank you, Doug..

- Krishna Kumar

I was so scared when I was charged with a crime. Douglas made me calm and explained the charge and the court system. He gave me his cell number and he was always ready to answer any concern, even at night and weekends. We got the best possible outcome because he knew the right law. I highly recommend hiring him if you are charged with a serious crime.

- Anushka Sharma

Douglas is a great attorney very happy with how he performed on my case. Will definitely recommend him to anyone that is in need of an attorney in NJ.

- Mirza Sabovic

Doug goes above and beyond for all his clients! Will definitely recommend to anyone who may need his services!

- Tiff Garro

Lawyer Herring is the nicest, smartest, and most brilliant lawyer I have ever met who can help you to solve problems and get things done perfectly as you wanted.

- Michael Cui

Without a doubt the most stressful situation I’ve found myself in. Douglas did an amazing job at both explaining the process and helping me understand the proper steps to take along the way. He is always accessible and able to answer any questions that might arise. He was also able to deliver the best possible outcome and I highly recommend using his service if you find yourself in the position that would need them.

- Michael Sullivan

Mr. Herring is an exceptional attorney who has the right connections and skillset to tackle any situation. I've recommended multiple people to him - all of whom have been satisfied with his extraordinary service. If you are looking for a lawyer who displays unmatched passion and work ethic, look no further!

- Aadil Rizwan

Douglas Herring by far is the best, most knowledgeable, professional criminal attorney in NJ.. He will keep you updated from beginning to end, answer all questions thoroughly & most importantly get you the best results possible for your case! He treats everyone with respect & made me feel comfortable in a tough situation.. I will recommend anyone in need of a great attorney that has proven results to see Doug Herring.. P.S Yes I agree with another reviewer, with his calm personality & awesome court room results Doug definitely should be televised!

- Lakrisha Gill

I have never met an attorney who took his time to get back to me in the middle of late night. What a class act. Very professional, and listened to my entire story of what happened to me. Gave me advice never once talking about the money. And then even went out of his way to find out if I was getting charges against me. All this at 9:30 PM at night. I then saw his profile and was amazed by it. The high level of trials and experience. Even when I wanted to hire him he told me not to rush and let’s wait till if a charge shows up. I just wish we had more professionals such as Douglas in this world. He put me at ease and was available when I really needed an experienced attorney. I am going to recommend him at every chance I get.

- Syred Shah

Genuine, great person, & great lawyer. Recommended him to all friends, family, and colleagues. Best experience I've had with a lawyer. Thanks, Doug.

- Tim Park

I highly recommend Doug, he is extremely informative and very helpful. His vast legal knowledge was a huge asset. He is very honest, upfront, and communicative. Don't hesitate to hire him!!

- Humza Anwar

If you need a knowledgeable, professional, and trustworthy attorney who has your best interest at heart; this is the guy for the job. It is an automatic guarantee that he will succeed for you. When I first saw his five-star review, I realized why it is really five stars; from when I first spoke to him on the phone to meeting him in person the experience was out of this world. He took personal interest in my situation and set my mind at ease by giving me the best possible outcome. Not only did he deliver but he is my go-to guy for any legal advice. He treats you like you are part of his family. He is reliable and committed to you. That is the type of person to have your back.

- Grace Bernard

Excellent lawyer!!! He made it clear and got the case dismissed. He calls and texts. Awesome guy!

- David S

If you're facing criminal yourself a favor and hire Mr.Herring. He has represented me a few times and has gotten me superb results. He has a vast amount of experience and knowledge...when he talks to you about your case he will literally give you the facts of the law...not saying things to make you feel better about hiring him. He has a very likable personality that charms the courts. Def a SuperLawyer...surprised he is not on TV

- John Smith

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