Douglas Herring Receives Advanced-Level Training on New NHTSA Manuals

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Recently, Douglas Herring, Esq. received advanced-level training from the American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys on how to take advantage of the new NHTSA Manuals. Importantly, the golden nuggets of information found in an officer’s police DUI training manual, such as this one, provide an attorney with a solid understanding of how to effectively go against an officer at trial and consequently win a DUI case. With this training, Mr. Herring has learned how video and/or audio evidence should be consistent with other evidence, how a defendant can be acquitted of a DUI when their blood-alcohol content level is above the legal limit, and more. This just further proves how Mr. Herring has the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully resolve and win DUI cases.

To learn more, follow this link.

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