What Happens If I Drive On A Suspended License After A DUI?

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There are various different penalties a person can face after a DUI charge. DUI offenders in New Jersey typically receive at least three months of a license suspension. Losing your license can be a major hindrance for people who need reliable transportation for daily obligations like work or school. Sometimes, DUI offenders are caught driving with a suspended license, and the consequences can be severe. If you’ve recently been convicted of a DUI and had your license suspended, you might worry about what could happen if you drive anyway. Our knowledgeable law firm has the answers you need! Read this blog to learn how a Mercer County DUI Lawyer can provide high-quality legal counseling today.


Driving with a suspended license is also called driving under suspension. Most of the time, driving under suspension is a misdemeanor traffic offense, which usually comes with minimal penalties. However, New Jersey takes DUI cases pretty seriously. If you drive with a suspended license after a DUI conviction, you’ll face an indictment on a felony offense. Felony charges are much more severe than misdemeanor traffic offenses, so you can expect to face severe penalties as a result. When you’re caught by a police officer driving under suspension, you’ll more than likely be arrested.


The penalties you face for driving under suspension after a DUI conviction can be more severe than the penalties you faced for your DUI offense. Your license will be suspended for an even longer period of time, depending on how long it was suspended for your previous conviction. There is also mandatory jail time for this offense. You’ll be given at least 180 days of incarceration with no possibility of parole. You’ll also need to pay expensive fines (at least $10,000). These punishments can have a substantial impact on your life, so you should contact a criminal defense lawyer immediately after being arrested.


A criminal defense lawyer can help you fight the charges you’re given after being charged for driving with suspension after a DUI conviction. You should seek a highly experienced DUI attorney who has the skills and knowledge to fight against your charges. There are various methods to argue against driving under suspension charges, and your lawyer can provide individualized insight into the specificity of your case.

Have you recently been caught driving with a suspended license after a DUI conviction? Are you seeking an aggressive criminal defense lawyer that has your best interests in mind? Look no further because the Law Office of Douglas Herring is here to fight for you! Contact our highly effective team today for an initial consultation.

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