What Factors Determine The Severity Of A Felony Offense In New Jersey?

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In general, a felony is a much more severe criminal charge than a misdemeanor. Most states define a felony as a criminal offense that can be penalized with more than a year of incarceration. However, New Jersey technically does not label crimes as misdemeanors or felonies. Crimes that would be considered a felony in most other states are referred to as “indictable offenses”. There are four degrees of indictable offenses, with first-degree crimes being the most severe. If you are currently facing a felony or indictable offense in our state, you might be wondering about the severity of the penalties you’ll face. This blog has the answers you need. Continue reading this blog to find out how a Mercer County Criminal Defense Lawyer can provide high-quality legal counseling.


The severity of the consequences that you face after a felony or indictable offense depends on your criminal history and the circumstances of the incident. Repeat offenders are more likely to face harsher penalties. However, there are many other factors that could affect the severity of a felony offense. Some considerations include:

  • How much harm was inflicted on the victim(s) of the crime
  • Whether the crime was associated with a gang
  • Whether a gun or other dangerous weapon was used during the crime
  • The level of danger that the defendant poses to the general public
  • If the crime involved more than one offender, the role that the defendant played

Every criminal case is different since the judge has the final say on the penalties you’ll be given. To learn more about the specific consequences you could face, you should speak with a lawyer can provide you with answers.


There are many different types of crimes that could be considered indictable offenses in our state. The most commonly committed offenses include:

  • Drug offenses, such as drug trafficking or drug possession with the intent to distribute
  • Sex crimes, such as aggravated sexual assault and rape
  • Arson or aggravated arson
  • Aggravated assault
  • Manslaughter or murder
  • Kidnapping or stalking
  • Money laundering
  • Disarming a police officer
  • Illegal ownership of a gun
  • Robbery, burglary, or theft by extortion

Have you recently been charged with a severe criminal offense in New Jersey? Are you looking for a dedicated criminal defense lawyer that can fight for your best interests? Look no further because our highly experienced legal team is on your side! Contact the Law Office of Douglas Herring today for an initial consultation.

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