How can a criminal record affect my life?

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No matter the circumstances, being convicted of a crime can have disastrous impacts on a person’s life. Do you have a criminal record that you’re worried could negatively impact your future? Read on to learn more about having a criminal record and how our Mercer County Expungement Lawyer could possibly help you.

How will a criminal record impact my finances?

There are many different ways a criminal record can negatively affect your finances. When charged with a crime, there are usually quite a bit of legal fees – even if you aren’t fined for the crime itself. A criminal record can also make it difficult to get or keep a job. If you already have a job, you could get fired for being convicted of a crime. If you’re trying to find a job, employers have a legal right to perform a background check and review your criminal record. Having a criminal record can automatically disqualify you from certain jobs, like law enforcement or teaching. Even if you are able to get a job, your criminal record can also reduce your earning potential.

What else can my record impact?

Your criminal record may also prevent you from being accepted into colleges, military academies, or trade schools. If you are a current student at a university, you could get expelled for being convicted of a crime. Parents who are convicted of a crime could lose custody of their children, and people with a record are not allowed to adopt a child. If you’re trying to rent property, your landlord can legally deny you based on your record. This could impact not just you but your family or anyone else you’re planning on living with. If convicted of a DUI or drug possession, you could have your license revoked.

Is there any way to erase my record?

Because of these impacts, you’re probably wondering how to get a clean record. You could get an expungement if you qualify. An expungement essentially erases a conviction from your permanent record. Whether or not you’ll get granted an expungement depends on the severity of the crime, how long it’s been since the crime occurred, and how many offenses you have on your record. Some serious convictions like murder or sexual assault cannot be expunged in New Jersey. When charged with a crime, it’s important to hire a lawyer right away to guide you through the legal process. Reach out to the Law Office of Douglas Herring today for trusted legal counsel today.

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