What Happens If I Don’t Show Up For Jury Duty?

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Most people end up getting called for jury duty eventually, and while it can seem like an inconvenience we think that you might be better off thinking of it as a great chance to participate in our criminal justice system. Everyone has the right to plead their case in front of a jury of their peers, but some people still do not want to participate in jury duty. If you try and get out of this obligation in the wrong way, you could end up needing to speak to a Mercer County criminal defense lawyer of your own.

Who Can Get Jury Duty?

When someone wants a jury trial, the selection of jurors begins. Much of the time, an area will update its list of available jurors each year. This can be based on voter registration records or who has a driver’s license or ID that has a local address on it. Then a random drawing is made from that list of people.

If you are selected, how long your service lasts can vary. If you come in and do not end up being assigned to any cases, then you might only need to spend one or two days on jury duty. If you get selected for a case, you might be looking at weeks or even more than a month of commitment.

Do I Get Paid for Jury Duty?

You do get paid a small amount for coming to jury duty, but it’s certainly not going to replace your paycheck. You might get enough to cover part of lunch each day. Some employers will continue to pay you your normal paycheck while you serve on a jury. In a case like that, you would not get the normal daily juror pay.

Can My Employer Penalize Me For Missing Work?

Punishing you for serving is one thing the state certainly does not want your employer to do. If your employer tries to penalize you for serving as a juror, they could end up facing criminal charges of their own. You could even pursue them for damages. So, in short, an employer is wise to go along with the entire jury duty system.

So What Happens When I Skip Jury Duty?

It’s also smart for you to go along with this system because skipping jury duty is just going to cause you more problems. If you fail to show up when summoned, you can be charged a fine of $500. You could also be charged with contempt of court.

Fail to show up for another summons and you could end up spending three days in jail. Then you have to pay up to $1,000 in fines. It’s obvious that simply going along with the jury duty summons is the right plan.

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