How Can I Protect My Rights During Police Interrogations?

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Police interrogations can be scary experiences, but you have to remember that you have rights of your own. Whether you are suspected of a crime or the cops believe that you can incriminate someone else, you need to think carefully about what you say to the police. You should also have a Mercer County criminal defense lawyer on your side. An attorney from our firm can help you protect your rights.

Can I Ignore Questions During Police Interrogations?

When you are having question after question yelled at you during an interrogation, you may think that it is easier to just answer and move on. This is not a wise idea during police interrogations though. The cops are looking for anything that they can to incriminate you. They want to charge you with a crime.

Instead of answering questions, it is time to invoke your right to stay silent. This is a constitutional right, and the cops cannot do anything to punish you for invoking this right. Staying silent prevents you from incriminating yourself.

Ignoring questions during police interrogations can be difficult. You are going to be pressured to tell the cops absolutely anything. There is no good reason to speak to them though, unless you have an attorney present.

Do I Need a Lawyer When I Am Questioned By Police?

Having an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side can make a difference. You have the right to an attorney. You need to invoke it as soon as possible. Cops cannot question you without an attorney once you have requested representation.

A lawyer can evaluate the situation and speak on your behalf so that you do not incriminate yourself. They will find the best way for you to defend yourself from these charges. Your defense attorney is the only person you should be sharing any information with. They can tell you how to proceed.

Will Cooperating During Police Interrogations Help Me?

Sometimes cops will make promises. Cooperate with them and answer their questions, and they can help you out. They cannot do anything for you if you stay quiet or rush to lawyer up.

All of this is nonsense. There is no guarantee that cooperating during police interrogations will lead to a better outcome. You need to think about protecting yourself and your rights here. You could make your life more difficult by giving up potentially incriminating information or saying something that can be misconstrued and turned against you.

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