The Biggest Drug Busts in New Jersey

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Every state in the US has its fair share of drug busts. Drugs are everywhere, and the police often catch people in the act. New Jersey is no exception; over the years, the state has had some notable drug busts. Here’s a look at the biggest busts in the state.

1. The Inferno Busts

In November 2016, the police arrested 15 people for selling drugs in Camden and North Philly. The police accused them of selling both heroin and cocaine. But the arrests didn’t come overnight. The bust was part of a large operation that authorities call “Operation Inferno.” The operation was not a small undertaking. It took quite a bit of planning and time to come up with results. But the results were worth the effort. The operation took about $2 million worth of heroin and cocaine off the streets in one of the hottest markets for heroin.

2. Bergen County Heroin Arrest

In Bergen County, police found 20 pounds of heroin in a couple’s home and car, Police first searched their car and found nine pounds of heroin. They found the car at the back of a pharmacy in Hasbrouck Heights. After finding the drugs, police searched the couple’s home in Woodridge. There was a total of 11 pounds of the drug in their home. With a street value of over $50,000, the drugs were a large quantity for only one couple.

3.  Michael Herbert’s Crate of Pot

The police across an unclaimed crate at a shipping warehouse in Elizabeth in 2016. The create seemed suspicious, so the police decided to keep an eye on it. When the 53-year-old Michael Herbert came to pick up his crate, the police followed him. After pulling him over, their police dog sniffed out marijuana. They took him into custody. Later on, they determined that the crate was full of a whopping 375 pounds of marijuana. Had police not noticed the suspicious crate, Herbert would have made it home with enough marijuana to go around a city.

 4. Pill Mill

Prescription drugs are an increasing problem in society today. And this story is a firm reminder of that fact. Police arrested a New Jersey physician for supplying a drug ring with prescription pills. They believed he gave the drug ring Oxycodone and Xanax. After a 30-year-old man died from one of his pills, police found him.
The drug ring had many fake prescriptions- thousands of them. The street value f those prescriptions is about $1 million. In addition to facing charges for his fraudulent prescriptions, he also faced charges for the man’s death.

 5. Massive Heroin Bust

It’s not often that you hear of police arresting dozens of people in drug busts. But that’s exactly what happened in Monmouth County in 2016. The arrests started with an investigation that lasted five months. In what they called “Operation Justice Served”, the police investigated local drug activity.

At the end of the investigation, police arrested 46 people. The arrests all started with one arrest. After that, the police found other suspects and arrested them. The drug ring moved thousands of dollars worth of narcotics. In only one week, they sold 200 grams of cocaine and 2,500 bags of heroin.

6. $5.4 million Drug Bust

In one of the biggest busts of New Jersey, police found millions of dollars of narcotics. They found the drugs at a weigh station in Greenwich Township. When police searched the vehicle, they found 10 grams of cocaine and 64 grams of heroin. In total, the street value is about $5.4 million.

That’s not the first time police discovered such astounding amounts of drugs at a weigh station. Other drug busts had revealed about $3.3 million dollars of marijuana and heroin.

7. Operation High Life

In what police called “Operation High Life”, a major bust took place. Police in Monmouth County arrested seven people for being part of a drug ring in Asbury Park. The ring had a large reach and sold drugs to Neptune City, Neptune Township, and Ocean Township. In only one week, the ring moved about 7,500 bags of heroin.

8. 41 Charges in Narcotics Ring

Atlantic City is no stranger to drugs. But the police made a big dent in the drug operations of the city with this 2016 seizure. They seized guns, cash, and narcotics when they arrested 19 people for involvement in a drug ring. Afterwards, police arrested more people for their involvement. Some of the involved drugs include fentanyl, cocaine, and heroin.

Drug Busts Happen

Whether you’re facing major drug charges like some of the people mentioned above or minor drug charges, the consequences can be scary. And the thought of going to court can be intimidating. You need the help of an experienced lawyer to get you through the trouble. With their help, you can get advice on what to do and how to fight it.

A lawyer can help you minimize the damage, and may even be able to find a loophole. But on your own, you don’t have much of a chance. Make the best out of your situation and seek representation immediately. You may have a better outcome than you think.

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