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Are you facing criminal charges? West Windsor Township criminal defense attorney Douglas Herring can help. This former Federal Prosecutor has over 15 years’ experience. He never shies away from the courtroom. You need a West Windsor Township criminal defense attorney with the skill and motivation to fight for your rights.

Common Charges

Here are some common charges we handle. However, we have represented many more case types. Feel free to call our office about your specific charges.

  • Drug Possession: Were you caught in possession of a controlled substance? Attorney Herring has defended many drug related charges. Many cases also lead to intend to distribute charges. A few bags of cocaine or heroin is enough to ruin your life. Don’t go into court unprepared. You need an attorney experienced in West Windsor Township criminal defense. Attorney Herring used to work on the government’s side. He prosecuted drug charges. Now he is on your side. Herring is able to use his experience as a prosecutor and a defender to make your case. Regardless of the type and amount of drugs, we can defend you.
  • DUI: Millions of Americans are arrest for DUIs each year. It is no wonder Attorney Herring has helped so many DUI defendants. A DUI conviction can lead to loss of license, high fines and jail time. If anyone was hurt or killed, you can face even harsher penalties. You don’t want the judge to make an example out of you. Let West Windsor Township criminal defense attorney Douglas Herring defend you.
  • Theft: Are you accused of theft? The penalties you face mostly depend on the value of items stolen. A guilty verdict can lead to years of jail time. You don’t want to lose your freedom. You need an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney.
  • Embezzlement: If you are accused of stealing money from your employer, you probably face embezzlement charges. The fact that the stolen money was legally in your possession makes embezzlement charges unique. A conviction can lead to jail time. It can also hinder future employment opportunities. It is crucial that you hire the right attorney.

Attorney Douglas Herring

West Windsor Township criminal defense attorney Douglas Herring has successfully defended many clients. He knows the laws inside and out. He will find mistakes made by the prosecution. He has the criminal trial experience to know what will hold up in court. If your case requires it, we will fight for your rights in court. Don’t let a mistake ruin your life. Call us 24/7 at 609-256-4098. Attorney Herring provides free consultations. You explain your case and he will tell you how we can help. Let Attorney Douglas Herring fight for your rights.

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