Sexual Assault: A Growing Cause For Concern

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Recently, the issue of sexual assault has been front-page news. There’s a good reason for the increased coverage of sexual assault. After Hollywood dream-maker Harvey Weinstein received accusations of sexual assault, many women spoke up about their own assault incidents. With a slew of accusations, it seems that sexual assault deserves more attention. Find out what cases made this type of assault a hot topic.

1. Jeremy Piven

One of the actors who received some serious sexual assault accusations is Jeremy Piven. Although Piven has three claims against him, one of them really stands out. Tiffany Bacon Scourby claimed that Piven jumped on top of her and rubbed his genitals against her. Then, he ejaculated on her shirt. Although Piven denies all three claims, it’s up to the court to decide.

It is possible that Piven may be telling the truth.Out of all the actors to receive allegations of assault, he is the only one who offered to take a polygraph. During the polygraph, someone asked Piven if he sent explicit or abusive texts, grabbed a women’s intimate parts, or used force against a woman. Despite accusations that said otherwise, Piven said no and passed the polygraph.

Although Piven passed the polygraph, he still has pending charges. In court, lie detector tests are not admissible evidence. However, the results make him look more favorable in the public eye. It is possible that the Entourage star is a victim of false accusations.

2. Kevin Spacey

Since Harvey Weinstein’s case made news, Kevin Spacey received several accusations of sexual misconduct. In fact, he received at least 15 different accusations. Of those 15 cases, five involved teens. One of the more high profile claims came from Anthony Rapp. The Star Trek: Discovery actor claimed that Spacey came onto him when he was only 14. After hearing about Rapp’s claim, Spacey issued an apology and admitted that he was gay.

The UK police are looking into the allegations against Spacey. However, Hollywood isn’t waiting to hear the results. Producers fired him from his role on the Netflix Original “House of Cards.” Additionally, his talent agency and publicist both dropped him from their rosters. His appearance in the unreleased film “All the Money in the World” will also not be as he expected. After hearing the rumors, the producers cut out his part. Although Spacey has yet to experience the legal consequences of his actions, he’s already experiencing consequences in his career.

3. Roy Moore

You might know of Roy Moore from his political career. As a candidate for the Alabama Senate, Moore has been in the news lately. However, his latest appearance is not a good one. On November 9th, the Washington Post revealed that Moore made advances on a young teen when he was in his 30s. At only 14, the girl was much younger than the age of consent. Sadly, that wasn’t Moore’s only incident. He made advances on other young girls as well. One Alabama mall banned him from shopping there. According to The New Yorker, the mall banned him because he was predatory towards young girls there.

Not surprisingly, Moore denied all allegations against him. However, it might be too late. The news hurt his standing in the current race for the Senate.

4. James Toback

While many celebrities have one or two sexual assault allegations, James Toback has hundreds. Over 200 women accused Toback of sexual harassment or assault. Most of the women who accused him have a similar story. They claim that he approached them and asked them to be in his next film. Then, he would talk about sex and harass the women.

In a USA Today interview, Ellen Pompeo claimed that Toback asked her to get naked in a movie. Toback has not made any comments about the accusations. However, he has said that he thinks the claims are “too stupid” and aren’t worth his time.

Fighting Sexual Assault Claims

When someone accuses you of sexual assault, you have a lot to lose. The court takes claims of assault and harassment very seriously. If a court finds you guilty, then you could experience serious consequences. You could end up in jail, with high fines, and with a requirement to register as a sex offender. Additionally, you need to think about the effect that the claim can have on your life. In the cases of the celebrities above, careers suffered. All it takes is one claim to destroy your career and your life.

Because there’s so much at stake, you need to take action quickly. You can hire a sexual assault lawyer to handle your case. He can do everything in his power to minimize the damage. If you are innocent, then he can help you fight false accusations. If you are guilty, then he can help you limit the consequences. The sooner you call a lawyer, the sooner you can make the allegations disappear.

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