What Michael Phelps has to say About his DUI Arrest

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The sports world shook on September 30, 2014, as Olympic star Michael Phelps ended up with a DUI arrest. The star both crossed over double lanes and drove over 30 miles per hour over the speed limit. Both of these moves caught the attention of local authorities, leading to his arrest. Phelps failed two sobriety tests, leaving Baltimore police with no choice but to arrest him. While Phelps had been involved in prior controversies surrounding sobriety, this one was by far the worst. Phelps put his life and the lives of others in jeopardy, thus ensuring a price must be paid for his actions.

Why Michael Phelps Received A DUI Arrest

Simply put, Michael Phelps’ arrest came due to reckless driving. Not only did Phelps drive over 30 miles per hour over the speed limit, but he also swerved between lanes. Both of those actions put other drivers in jeopardy as well as himself, thus unacceptable. Phelps’s driving also came while he was clearly under the influence of alcohol. Phelps’ breathalyzer exceeded the legal limit in Baltimore, furthering the case for his arrest. It’s essential to remember that no matter how famous one is, the law is the law. Driving the way Phelps drove on September 30, 2014, leads to arrests.

The authorities worked tremendously to avoid any potential drama surrounding the arrest. While Phelps’ arrest understandably garnered plenty of interest from the media, it was not due to any wrongdoing by the authorities. The right procedures led to the arrest, with authorities understanding his status, yet not allowing it to impact their decisions.

What Happened Next

Phelps’ DUI arrest did not arrive without legal proceedings. Phelps opted to enter rehab in an attempt to both treat himself to the best of his ability and also re-gain some of the respect he surrendered at the time of the arrest. The Olympic star spent 45 days in the rehab facility to ensure he received the proper amount of treatment. In the facility, Phelps found himself isolated from society, forced to face the demons that led to his DUI arrest. Of course, another option for Phelps would have been to fight any potential charges through the legal system. Phelps could have afforded the strongest DUI Lawyers in the business but opted to work on his mental health instead. Regardless, Phelps took care of himself following the arrest, understanding that it was no minor matter.

For anyone arrested for drunk driving, following Phelps’ lead in that matter can go a long way.  Rather than pretending oneself is the victim, it is essential to understand what caused the events. Phelps’ driving endangered the lives of those on the road with him. For anyone else driving under the influence, the same line of thinking applies. You are not just putting yourself in danger; you are also putting those around you in danger.

While in a perfect world the DUI arrest and the drunk driving never would have happened, often things do not go according to plan. While everyone believed Phelps was on top of the world, he was in reality facing a variety of demons that led to his driving under the influence.

Phelps’ Understanding Of The Incident

In understanding what happened regarding Michael Phelps and his DUI arrest, there is no better person to get the story from than Michael Phelps himself. Phelps has long understood his role in society as both a role model and a top athlete, wishing to speak out against what he did. Phelps took part in a variety of different interviews to explain what happened, why it happened, and why it won’t happen again.

The logic behind Phelps’ DUI arrest came in the form of the people he surrounded himself with that night. It was a Monday night, meaning most people were inside watching television or keeping busy on their own. Phelps was in the midst of somewhat of a spiral, not wishing to be alone or inside. Thus, Phelps found himself a new crowd, one that did not have his best interests in mind.

With that new crowd, Phelps was able to have a wild night, one that should have ended in his going in a cab ride home. Instead, the people around Phelps failed to ensure he got home safely, additionally failing to consider whether or not he was in the mental position to drive.

The majority of Phelps’ statements following the DUI arrest have covered his ability to get back on track. Phelps spoke of recognizing he made a poor decision and being in such a low place that he did not feel he deserved a better decision. Phelps prioritized bettering his mental health to avoid such a thing happening again, peeling back the layers of his life to find what troubled him and how to fix it. His story can be used as a template for anyone that received a DUI arrest. You can get your life back together. You simply must treat yourself as a human to do so.

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