How Will a Felony Conviction Impact My Career?

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If you are facing a felony charge, one of your worries might be how it will affect your career. We do not want to be the bearers of bad news, but it is true that a felony conviction could derail everything that you have been working for. That is why it is important to fight these charges as hard as you can from the very beginning. That means hiring an experienced Mercer County criminal defense lawyer who is ready to help you.

Will a Felony Conviction Get Me Fired?

It is possible that you will be fired for a felony conviction, especially if you end up with a jail sentence and require an extended amount of time away from your job. Many companies can also just fire you because they do not want to be associated with that kind of thing. If you have an at-will employment agreement, as most workers do, then there is not going to be much that you can do about it.

Would I Need to Tell My Licensing Board About My Felony Conviction?

One of the big drawbacks of a felony conviction for professional workers is that they could face consequences with the people who regulate their profession. Many different types of professional jobs, like accountants, nurses, and veterinarians, require a professional license. The board that grants you a license is not going to be happy if you get convicted of a crime. Essentially, it is like they gave you this recommendation and then you turned around and sullied their reputation.

So you can expect professional consequences after a felony conviction. You could have your license suspended. You could even lose your license. It is hard to imagine bouncing back after that.

Would I Have to Disclose My Felony Conviction to Potential Employers?

So your sentence is done and you are ready to start anew after your felony conviction. As you apply for jobs, you may be wondering if you have to tell prospective employers about it.

You do. A company can do a background check on you and find out about the felony you were convicted of. If you lied on your application and got hired, you can be fired immediately.

Should I Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

For all of the reasons we have outlined, hiring a lawyer should be one of your first steps after you have been charged with a felony. A seasoned defense attorney from our firm can look at the facts of your case and develop the best possible legal strategy. We will do everything that we can to help you avoid a felony conviction and the professional consequences that can come along with it.

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