DUI in NJ: A Look at 2015 Compared to 2016

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DUI in NJ: An Overview

A DUI or DWI is defined as driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated, respectively. Either crime, whether alcohol or other drugs cause your impairment, will land you in jail for DUI in NJ if you are caught. The level of alcohol in your bloodstream also has an effect on the severity of your possible punishment, as does whether or not you caused property damage, injury or death. If you flee the scene of a crash your punishment will also be harsher when you are caught than if you had stayed.

DUI in NJ 2015

The NJ Department of Transportation and Highway Safety published statistics for the Get Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign, August through September 2015. The number of DUIs for alcohol are 1304, while the number or DUIs for drugs is 482. This is only for a period of about a month. Let’s look at a similar period in 2016.

DUI in NJ 2016

The NJ Department of Transportation and Highway Safety’s published statistics for 2016 are as follows: DUIs for alcohol are 1522, while the same period shows only 127 DUIs for drugs. There is a difference of 137 total DUI arrests. As you can see, there is a marked increase in DUIs for alcohol, while there is a drastic dip in those for drugs.

What Does This Mean For Me?

DUI in NJ, or anywhere for that matter, is no joke. As the state wants to continue to get more arrests and do better at providing protection against drunk drivers, they will continue to crack down more and more on DUI. This will mean increased police presence, more DUI roadblocks, and more campaigns. Not only that but with these occurrences, there is also more “collateral damage.” More tickets for not wearing your seat belt, speeding, equipment violations and the like. This could have a negative effect on you even if you are not arrested for DUI.

I got Arrested for DUI…Now What?

When you are arrested for DUI in NJ, you will need to get an attorney right away. Your life and freedom hang in the balance. Hire a reliable, trial ready DUI attorney today. Call our offices for your free consultation today.

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