3 Crazy New Jersey DUI Stories – Drinking and Driving At Its Worst

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We have all heard the stories about how people are caught drinking and driving. The circumstances are similar; weaving in the lane, running over a curb, hitting another vehicle in a parking lot – these are just a few ways that people get caught. Some even involve high speed chases like you would see in a movie. What you are about to read are some unusual circumstances around arrests for drinking and driving in New Jersey.

Getting Stopped For Drinking and Driving – The Legal Limit

Whether you are pulled over for drunk driving, or any other reason, and there is a reason to believe you have been drinking, generally you will be required to take a sobriety test to find out your BAC level. The limit of .08 is now a law in all 50 states.

DUI and a Backhoe?

Our first incident involves a backhoe. Who ever heard of someone getting “pulled over” on excavating equipment? How fast could they possibly go? Alas, the speed wasn’t the issue. South Brunswick police were getting calls about a man drinking a beer while driving the backhoe. It turns out he was deviating from his lane over then onto the shoulder, and yes, he got pulled over.

There were bottles of vodka and whiskey spotted in the backhoe once the officer got close enough to the man. The officer could also smell the alcohol. It gets even better. The drunk driver apparently then proceeded to tell the police officer that he did not have a valid driver’s license.  He did, however, willingly take a Breathalyzer test and immediately cuffed and charge with driving while intoxicated, failing to maintain a lane, careless driving and having an open container of alcohol. He was taken to the police station afterward.

Here was just another DWI conviction to add to the seven he had already accumulated since 1980. Also charged with driving on a suspended license due to these other convictions.

Friends Don’t Call Friends Who Are Drunk …

Especially when you are calling them to pick you up from the police station after being arrested for drinking and driving. A woman ended up calling three friends after the first two came to get her and were immediately arrested for drinking and driving themselves.

The original of the three who were arrested was stopped for swerving while she was driving and then failing the field sobriety test. She was charged with driving under the influence, failure to stay in her lane and failure to have proof of insurance. Then the first friend she called was immediately placed in a jail cell because she was obviously intoxicated. In addition to being charged with a DUI, a charge of possession of a controlled substance was also added after officers found seven illegal pills of Vicodin in her purse. Plus, another charge of driving while in possession of a controlled dangerous substance was added as well.

The next friend called also looked intoxicated and failed the Breathalyzer miserably. Charged with DUI as well, the police would not allow him to take the women home. Finally, they were able to find a fourth friend who was sober and could drive them home.

Friends don’t let friends drive drunk. Certainly, the lesson is to have friends that are responsible and sober when called to the police station.

Looking for New Jersey

Does anyone know where New Jersey is? There were signs all around her telling her that she was already there; the New York skyline, the Hudson River, even a real sign that said Jersey City. But somehow, she missed them all.

When the police finally pulled here over, though, she was still stating that she was “looking for New Jersey.” What possibly could be going on here? When the officer told her she was in fact in New Jersey, she still didn’t believe it.

Well, the obvious answer was drinking and driving. When the officers found her, she was outside of her vehicle at the entrance to the Holland Tunnel, looking very confused. The woman was having trouble standing and had red, watery eyes. She also confessed that she had a few drinks.

When she was given the Breathalyzer test, it showed her Blood Alcohol Level at .25, more than three times the legal limit and was arrested and charged with DWI and careless driving.

What can we say? There are a lot of interesting situations out there, and every day a new one will reveal itself. Should anything like this happen to you, you can give law office of Douglas Herring a call at 609-256-4098.

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