Douglas Herring On the NCDD National Task Force: Alcohol and Drug Testing Devices Committee

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Douglas Herring NCDD

Douglas Herring is a member of the NCDD Task Force: Alcohol & Drug Testing Devices Committee, which is a national committee for DWI.

The Alcohol and Drug Testing Devices Task Force gathers and provides members with information related to devices used by law enforcement for alcohol and drug testing, including breath, oral fluids and transdermal monitoring. The task force informs members about issues related to reliability and accuracy. The task force may also produce articles and case reviews for the NCDD Journal and blog, as well as topics for webinars and seminars.

In addition to his membership in NCDD, Douglas Herring is a former state and federal prosecutor who has provided aggressive criminal defense services in over one hundred jury trials and numerous bench trials. Mr. Herring has abundant experience working as a Mercer County DUI lawyer.

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